CCAP III Certification Exam


CCAP III Certification Exam


Level 3: Customer Advocacy Program Strategy & Management

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Certification Prerequisites:

  • Mastery of CCAP Level 1 Exam and CCAP Level 2 Exam topics, and attainment of CCAP I and CCAP II Certification,

  • At least five years of experience (or equivalent) in a customer advocacy-related field, and

  • Two professional references that can validate your expertise.

Exam Format:

  • Length of exam: 1 hour

  • Exam content: 60 multiple choice questions

  • Passing score: 85% (at least 51 correct answers out of 60 questions)

  • Delivery format: Proctored in-person at ICCAP-Approved Testing Centers.

  • Permitted supporting materials: None; the exam is closed book. A scratch piece of paper, pen, and calculator will be provided.

  • Exam language availability: English

This exam tests for competency in:

  • Building an advocacy program from scratch

  • Garnering executive buy-In

  • Positioning advocacy activities as a benefit to the participants

  • Identifying and mitigating advocacy silos

  • Clearly defining process, expectations, and what success looks like

  • Successful customer engagement

  • Elevated program promotion

  • Advocacy Program team incentives

  • Educating and partnering with Sales for optimal use of advocates

  • Leveraging customer conferences for advocate engagement

  • Designing a supporting technology stack

  • Data management cross-checks

  • Developing and delivering metrics that matter

  • Program promotion of value and impact

  • Nurturing advocates

  • Oversight of all materials / assets being developed

  • Coordination/management of outsourced support staff