CCAP II Certification Exam (Online)

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CCAP II Certification Exam (Online)


Level 2: The Essentials of Customer Advocacy Program Delivery

Online exam enrollment must be purchased individually. On completing purchase, you will be issued a unique, one-time use access code by email. This code cannot be shared or duplicated. Your order confirmation email will provide further instruction to register for and take the exam.

Please see below for details about the exam.

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Certification Prerequisites:

  • Mastery of CCAP Level 1 Exam topics and attainment of CCAP I certification,

  • At least two years of experience (or equivalent) in a customer advocacy-related field, and

  • Two professional references that can validate your expertise.

Exam Format:

  • Length of exam: 1 hour

  • Exam content: 60 multiple choice questions

  • Passing score: 85% (at least 51 correct answers out of 60 questions)

  • Delivery format: Online

    By request, proctored in-person at ICCAP-Approved testing centers.

  • Permitted supporting materials: None; the exam is closed book. A calculator will be provided through the online platform.

  • Exam language availability: English

This exam tests for competency in:

  • Conducting gap analysis

  • Leveraging internal teams / peers

  • Assessing customers’ universe

  • Developing strategic customer profiles

  • Expediting customer materials / assets creation

  • Coordination of more complex advocacy activities (video, speaking events, media interviews, etc.)

  • Building a reference activities calendar (anticipating marketing requests)

  • Proactive advocate planning and engagement

  • Multi-tiered advocacy programs