Become a Certified Customer Advocacy Professional (CCAP)

Customer advocacy is revolutionizing the way companies connect with their customers, and enterprises large and small are taking notice; the IDC’s 2017 Loyalty Marketing and Advocacy Marketing Barometer study discovered that there was a 570% year over year increase in customer advocacy programs from 2016 to 2017 alone. With such rapid growth in the customer advocacy industry and the rise of the Age of the Customer - the era of consumer empowerment in which customers have unprecedented access to information about products and companies to inform buying decisions - credible and experienced customer advocacy practitioners are in demand more now than ever before.

Ensure that the growth of the customer advocacy industry is fueled by experienced practitioners familiar with industry best practices, and proponents of exemplary standards and ethics: Corroborate your accumulated skills, experiences and knowledge in the industry and become a Certified Customer Advocacy Professional (CCAP).


Validate your expertise.

Demonstrate your proficiency at the specialized skills and strategies of a successful customer advocacy practitioner. Showcase the core competencies you’ve mastered for building, sustaining and growing customer advocacy programs. Validate the years of experience you’ve accumulated and the expertise you’ve applied to defining our industry’s standards of excellence: Earn your CCAP I, II, and III certifications today.


Lead our industry.

From irrefutable proof-points of your customer advocacy expertise to demonstrating your continued pursuit of knowledge and self-development, becoming a CCAP validates your role and your contributions as a leader of our industry.


Advance your career.

CCAP Level 1, 2, and 3 Exams are held year-round throughout the United States and internationally upon request. Register for a CCAP Exam today.

Who is ICCAP?

The Institute of Certified Customer Advocacy Professionals (ICCAP) validates the core competencies and expertise of professionals across all sectors of the customer advocacy and engagement industry. Through ICCAP’s accredited certification program, customer advocacy practitioners can become a CCAP –  Certified Customer Advocacy Professional, certifying their understanding and application of industry standards and best-practices.