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The Institute of Certified Customer Advocacy Professionals (ICCAP) was initiated by a coalition of industry experts and practitioners who are committed to promoting excellence and accountability in the customer advocacy industry. ICCAP strives to further the standing of customer advocacy practitioners through a tiered certification program that validates levels of maturity, competency and expertise across the discipline.

Mission: To institutionalize industry standards and empower customer advocacy professionals.

CCAP tiers were defined by analyzing the policies and procedures of customer advocacy programs from more than 75 companies. The organizations surveyed represent a myriad of industries and range of program formats to ensure that the priorities and demands of a variety of environments are reflected in the core competencies and best-practices of ICCAP. As such, CCAP certification represents a vendor-neutral, industry-inclusive approach to the discipline of customer advocacy.

+ Organizations Surveyed to Define CCAP Tiers

Vertical # of Organizations
High-tech 16
Security companies 15
Manufacturing 7
Middleware 7
Software platforms 6
Telcos 6
Networking 5
Big data 3
F100 (Microsoft, HP & Cisco) 3
Financial services 3
Web development 3
Entertainment 2

ICCAP Oversight Committee

The ICCAP Oversight Committee is responsible for ensuring objectivity, relevance and consistency across CCAP certification tiers. The multinational group consists of prominent advocacy industry professionals who have been identified as exemplifying the innovation, vision and energy that characterize best-in-class practitioners.

Abby Atkinson CCAP I

Senior Manager, Customer Advocacy Program at FireEye, Inc.

Abby Atkinson is one of the most highly respected professionals in the advocacy world. She was the first ever Summit on Customer Engagement (SCE) Hall of Fame inductee in 2012 and recipient of the Founders Award for Outstanding Presentation at SCE 2016.

Abby’s passion for metrics inspired her to chair the SCE Metrics special interest group. In 2009, she also was appointed to the Advisory Board of the Summit on Customer Engagement and continues to serve in that role. She is a member of the Reference Management Elite Group and sits on the RO Reference Management Elite Advisory Board. In addition, Abby served as an award judge for the Advocate Marketing Academy in 2016 and 2017. She was a contributor to The Hidden Wealth of Customers by Bill Lee. 

Abby currently manages the FireEye Lighthouse Program and is a two-time recipient of FireEye’s Marketing Above and Beyond Award.


Trish Borrmann CCAP I

Director, Customer Marketing Programs at Fortinet

Trish is an innovative and strategic marketing communications professional with over 15 years of experience in technology B2B companies, from small start-ups to Fortune 100 enterprises. 

Her industry experience includes: cloud, networking, data center, collaboration, software, security, professional services, retail, manufacturing, financial services, service provider, healthcare, sports, entertainment, hospitality, legal, IPTV, VOD, broadcasting, cable, film, channel data, and biometrics.

Trish’s proven expertise includes: customer references, branding, positioning, messaging, public relations, analyst relations, digital campaigns, social media, promotional videos, product launch, new market entry campaigns, collateral development, web site design and content, advertising, event management, and speaking opportunities.

Helen Feber CCAP III

Managing Partner at Referential, Inc.

Helen co-founded Referential, Inc., a highly successful advocacy consulting firm that has offered a full-service portfolio of customer advocacy and reference-related services to the high-tech industry for over 25 years. In her role as Managing Partner, Helen has designed, implemented and managed dozens of advocacy programs. 

Helen is highly sought-after for her broad expertise and regularly presents at leading advocacy-related conferences. She also has authored numerous articles and gained widespread distinction for her innovative approach to all aspects of customer advocacy.

Robin Hamilton CCAP I

Managing Director at inEvidence

Robin Hamilton is Managing Director of inEvidence, a UK-based but globally-focused experienced customer advocacy and storytelling consultancy.

Robin has several decades of deep experience in customer advocacy and his expertise is complemented by a pragmatic, results-oriented approach that delivers tangible business benefits and outcomes. 

Robin was the recipient of the 2013 President’s Award for Best Workshop at the Summit on Customer Engagement.

Lisa Matzdorff

Customer Reference Manager at 8x8, Inc.

Lisa is a perpetually evolving marketing professional with a core focus on global customer marketing, dedicated to elevating brand awareness, influencing revenue growth, and meeting (or exceeding) established goals. 

As a Customer Reference Manager, she is recognized as a respected leader capable of transforming reference programs at phase zero into established, worldwide programs that have high visibility across all marketing and sales teams.

Her key areas of expertise include: customer reference program development, strategy, implementation, metrics, and customer story amplification.

Colleen Reidy CCAP I

Senior Manager, Customer Advocacy and Engagement at Progress Software

Collen is a customer engagement expert with demonstrated success building customer advocacy programs from scratch and working cross-functionally in program building, sales enablement, business development, partnering with Sales, and achieving executive buy-in from the C-Suite.

Her proven expertise spans all areas of customer, partner and prospect marketing, communications, building remote and virtual teams, sales, digital and social media, and event management with a focus on identifying, nurturing and building strong customer and partner relationships.